can you recommend a software for screen recording then? thank you!

i use quicktime cause it was what came up when i google “screen recorder for mac” :)


hi, how do you download videos from tvfanatic like that sneak peek?

hi! i didn’t download it actually, i screen recorded it 

Bleeding Through - Sneak Peek #2 (x)


anonymous asked me alison hendrix or sarah manning?

The Evil Queen is a very complex, delicious, fun character to play. I love the joy she feels when threatening/intimidating others — too fun. She’s extremely unapologetic and yet still seeks to grow into a better human being. That is what I love most about her.

I can finally pay a visit to my little sister.

make me choose » anonymous asked: jennifer morrison or emma swan

the ouat fandom, basically


morganapendragons asked outlaw queen or captain swan 


game of thrones | two swords | 4.01

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